From Teammates to Colleagues


The CFA Institute Research Challenge is a global competition that tests the equity research and valuation, investment report writing, and presentation skills of university students. In 2020, Riza and Kheng decided to challenge themselves and explore their common interest in finance, investment, and valuation by joining the competition. Placed into the same team as strangers through their shared professional curiosity for financial modeling, data collection, and analysis, they would become friends and later colleagues at Emerging Markets Consulting. 

To Riza and Kheng, joining CFA competition was an eye-opening experience and a good opportunity for them to leverage the network, learn and dive deeper into the financial field beyond what they have learned in school. As all the team members were occupied during the day most of the work and communication went on overnight, creating a unique communication challenge. After long days, Riza and Kheng needed to give constructive feedback, while fostering cooperation and problem-solving among the diverse team. Through consistent late-night Teams meetings Riza, Kheng, and their team would encourage one another – to take initiative, and work together, creating the trust needed to put the effort needed to go above and beyond to compete with the best.  

For Riza and Kheng, going through the shared challenge and extra effort of the CFA competition, they have developed an appreciation towards one another and were bound together by the journey. They believe the CFA challenge has influenced their personal and professional life by finding an interest and passion, which they can draw satisfaction from their work. With this experience Riza and Kheng sought a place where they could turn this experience into a career, coincidentally they both applied for Emerging Markets Consulting. They are now Business Analysts. From strangers to teammates, and teammates to colleagues, Riza and Kheng maintain their appreciation and team spirit and are working and growing together at EMC.