Employee Highlight: Sokpove Phang, Consultant

Sokpove has extensive experience managing different project scopes. Her current portfolio includes creating reward systems and incentives for project-based work, designing standard operating procedures for medium-sized enterprise, and developing business plan including financial projection. She really enjoys the project complexities as that allows her to grow professionally.  

Sokpove rejoined EMC in 2019 after working two years for a private equity firm specializing in the energy industry. There, she learned a lot in her role, from researching potential investments until portfolio monitoring. However, she also missed the opportunity to support companies in their business expansion and strategic planning. She has always enjoyed building relationship with clients and working closely with them in realizing their corporate objectives. While at EMC previously, she worked on many projects across different sectors but was not experienced yet to manage her own projects. Now with stronger qualification in project management, she has returned to EMC specifically to support our SME advisory unit. She finds herself more invested in the work because she gets to help the private sector in Cambodia. She feels that she has found a bigger purpose than just completing projects because SME contributes to over 50% of the GDP in Cambodia and employs over 70% of the workforce.  

Sokpove is a Consultant in the Private Sector Strategic Partnerships (PSSP) team. Currently she is supporting strategy refinement for VTrust Appraisal as they prepare to digitalize their services. She holds a Master of Finance from Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC) and two bachelors – Education from Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) and Finance & Banking from PUC. In her spare time, Sokpove enjoys reading Cambodian and international business news. Sokpove also likes mentoring junior staff. She started at EMC in 2012 as an analyst and got her promotion to senior analyst in 2014. She collected data, conducted primary and secondary desk research, and analyzed quantitative and qualitative information. and She has vast knowledge that she loves sharing with the team. 

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