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    Project Description

    EMC was contracted by the UNDP to conduct an assessment of the needs and understanding of microinsurance in Cambodia. This project is part of the UNDP’s efforts to support government interest and private sector investment in microinsurance, educate and raise awareness of microinsurance, and strengthen the policy and regulatory framework to ensure a healthy growth of the sector. Microinsurance can help enable vulnerable populations to better manage their risks and prevent low-income people from falling into extreme poverty.

    EMC’s primary research found that there is a high potential demand for microinsurance for the poor, especially health and crop insurance. The team used the results to devise product design recommendations, including premium levels, payment schedules and claim disbursement channels. The study confirmed that people’s level of understanding of insurance remains low, and further education and promotional activities are required.

    The final report was published by the UNDP and presented to government and private sector stakeholders at a dissemination workshop. The results were reported in the local media see here

    Project Details

    • Client United Nations Development Programme
    • Date January 4, 2016
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