Export Market Access Fund

Many small to medium-size enterprises do not have the minimum economies of scale to be competitive and to increase exports, as they cannot afford to add additional demand on their limited cash flows. Further, this prevents them from planning long-term market strategies and making necessary up-front investments to develop their export potential. Consequently, producers often do not actively cultivate export markets.

In response to this challenge, EMC was contracted by the Royal Government of Cambodia to implement The Export Market Access Fund (EMAF). This was a $1.6m co-financing facility designed to provide technical assistance and matching grants to Cambodian exporters.

EMC collaborated on design of the fund, and during the course of its operation was responsible for marketing, technical assistance and administration of grants to qualifying firms and business associations.

A total of 75 firms and business associations were supported by EMAF, of which approximately 65% were Cambodian owned and 41% are based outside Phnom Penh. The portfolio included an above-average percentage of female stakeholders.

The sector breakdown of EMAF clients favoured Agriculture & Food Processing (41%) and Fashion & Handicrafts (24%). In addition, tourism accounted for 9%, IT for 9%, and Healthcare & Beauty 6%.

Supported activities included research on new markets and products, attendance at key trade shows, and obtaining certifications to access new export markets.

EMAF was funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Ministry of Commerce as part of the Trade Facilitation and Competitiveness Project (TFCP).