Bodia Nature Global Ambitions

Bodia Nature is a leading Cambodian Well Being brand, which counts France, China, Japan, Europe and America as key export markets.

The French-Khmer brand was developed in 2006, with the ambition of producing 100 percent, all-natural beauty products in Cambodia.  In 2012, Bodia Nature worked with EMC, under the Export Market Access Fund (EMAF), to launch exports to Europe.

Bodia Nature initially targeted France for 4 reasons  – rapidly rising online shopping, one of the largest cosmetics and wellbeing sectors in Europe, and a particular demand for the natural organic product, that Bodia Nature produce. Bodia’s distinct Cambodian identity would also distinguish the brand in a competitive market place.

All Bodia products are made in Cambodia

All Bodia products are made in Cambodia

Export Challenges

However to successfully export cosmetic products to Europe, a number of technical hurdles needed to be cleared. Bodia and EMC-implemented-EMAF worked together to support these critical steps.

Initial activities concerned compliance with safety codes for the European cosmetic industry. Toxicology tests were undertaken to meet phytosanitary standards.  Labels of some 50 products were redesigned to comply with labelling standards (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients – INCI).  A factory management plan was also implemented to meet France ‘Good Laboratory Practices’ (articles L. 5131-5 of France’s Public Health Code).

Having addressed the technical product criteria, Bodia Nature turned their attention to distribution and sales. Here EMAF also provided financial support in the selection an e-commerce and social media company to develop the online sales strategy, and design of an e-shop.


In 2012 the new Bodia Nature Eco-Lab, fully compliant with EU regulation, was launched on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. This state of the art production facility, increased the capacity of Bodia Nature’s production by 500%.

The e-shop went live in 2013 and during 2014 Bodia Nature developed a France based logistics hub to cater for the growing overseas demand.

The combination of these activities, other investments and hard work of the Bodia Nature team, has had a great impact on their business and exports in particular.

At the point at which Bodia Nature applied for EMAF support, the firm had yet to make export sales. Now, overseas sales are 15% of the companies total revenues and growing. With the success of their local and overseas sales, the firm now directly employs 55 staff, sells 250 products and produces over 120,000 units per annum.

The team is continuing its overseas expansion with retail and franchising initiatives:

In 2015, Bodia Nature opened a boutique in the French tourist centre, Belle Ile en Mer to directly market their “made in Cambodia brand” to European consumers.

Also in 2015, Bodia Nature cooperated with their sister company, Bodia Spa to start franchise operations in Chongqing, China.

With the popularity of natural Cambodian product established, Bodia are now looking for local distribution partners to expand their successful international presence.