EMC speaking at seminar on ASEAN RVC

The growth of ASEAN in the global economy represents a great opportunity for Lao, and other lower income economies.  ASEAN boasts world class universities to develop new products, educated and youthful population to make them, global financial centres and easy access to world markets. The

Seminar on Lao PDR integration in to Regional Value Chains

David Totten (EMC), at seminar on Lao PDR integration in to Regional Value Chains

ASEAN firms at the forefront of this process, seek to sustain a competitive advantage, by arranging their supply chains, in the most value maximizing way. For many of those firms this could mean shifting production from centres of rising cost (China, Thailand) towards areas of relatively lower cost (Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar).  The advent of AEC 2015 is a milestone in a process of economic integration which will facilitate this. However there are a number of factors that also need be in place, in order for Lao to take advantage of this opportunity. In January 2016, representatives from Lao Government, GIZ, UNESCAP and private sector representatives, met to discuss…