Joint Country Portfolio Performance Review (JCPPR)

The Joint Country Portfolio Performance Review (JCPPR) is a collaborative review of World Bank and ADB in-country portfolios. The purpose is to coordinate their activities and represent a coordinated approach to engagement with the host Government. Each year, either World Bank or ADB take the lead on procuring consultants to manage this process, and EMC has been contracted by both organisations multiple times in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Myanmar. The 2015 Myanmar JCPR also included JICA, due to their long standing presence in Myanmar.

EMC’s role as an independent 3rd party is to undertake the research, produce the report for the host Government, and facilitate the resulting Government workshops. The research process entails thorough desk review of all existing programmes and interviews with key stakeholders within each organization. From this a consensus view is documented which forms the basis of both organisations representations to the host Government.  The final step in the process is the arrangement of a formal tri-partite forum of Government, ADB and World Bank, to review the report’s conclusions and sign memorandum detailing approved priorities for the forthcoming year.