Well-being in Practice

The Royal Government of Cambodia continues to issue measures to combat and prevent the spread of Covid-19. To date, Cambodia has registered over 78,000 cases. Recently we sat down with Naomi, Senior Consultant from EMC Cambodia office, to discuss about how she manages her well-being, especially during this pandemic.  

What is personal well-being and what does it mean to you?  

Well-being to me means that I feel happy, at peace and connected to myself as much as connected to the world outsideAlso, it means that I feel in charge of my life and in balance – for instance, for work and time offactivities and rest, familiar routines and new challenges. 

Why is well-being important?  

I think in the context of work, if you’re not well, it will affect your performance as well as your connection with your team members. But more importantly, well-being is such a big part of your general physical and mental healthSome self-awareness for your state of mind can go a long way in ensuring self-care and long-term well-being. 

How have you been managing your wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic?  

Covid-19 was and is obviously an “unnormal”, more difficult time for everyone, especially because of the uncertainties and worriesFor me, that means trying not to plan ahead too much and focusing on what I can control at that point in time – even if it is only a bicycle ride to get some fresh air and breaks in my dayOr treating myself to some cake or flowers. Most importantly thoughconnecting with people despite the restrictions. During lockdown, I just video called with friends and family, nearby and back home in Germany. When it is relatively safe to gather in person, I also meet with friends at home or outdoorsSimply put, I try to take advantage of whatever is possible and seems reasonable. Finally, I find it important to be understanding of ourselves – allowing and acknowledging anxious moments or finding new activities suitable for the situation. For example, I did a 1000-piece puzzle – something I haven’t done in probably more than 25 years. While I don’t think it will be my go-to pastime, it was still enjoyable and fun during lockdown. 

How does EMC understand and support employee well-being? 

It’s great that we have flexibility to work from home, which I think can have positive effects also outside of a pandemic situation. This shows trust between employer and employee and for me, it is a big part of employee appreciationAny well-being support is truly valuable, whether it’s a buddy program for new hiresemergency need check-ins during lockdown, or the program on self-care that is in the works. I think it’s all about not only offering information but really allowing for employees to put it into practice. 

Some countries measure national well-being/ wellness/ happiness to measure what really matters to people, as an effort to look beyond the GDP. What do you think?  

It seems to reflect a wider contemporary shift away from a mere focus on materialistic wealth, productivity, and economic output. We’re all human after all and life is not just about creating monetary value, so I think it’s a very interesting perspective – and some countries that score high on well-being also seem to excel more on environmental sustainability or gender equality which is good food for thought.