Career pivot from accounting to consulting – Sokcheng

Sokcheng graduated from CamEd Business School with a degree in Accounting and Finance in 2018 and spent about two years working in accounting industry. In 2020, she pivoted to consulting and joined EMC Cambodia. Sokcheng is now a Senior Business Analyst in the Private Sector Strategic Partnership (PSSP) team. 

Her job responsibilities in accounting and consulting share many more similarities than differences. From accounting, she has learned to be diligent and thorough. In consulting, those qualities are also very useful. She still often works with numbers, but the projects she involves with typically require that she takes those numbers to make meaningful recommendations for her clients. She also gets to work with clients from different industries. For Sokcheng that really pushes her out of her comfort zone and encourages her to continue developing herself. In just a little over twelve months, she has learned to conduct research to better understand market trends. She has closely observed industry competitors to make strategic suggestions for her clients. Simply put, Sokcheng has developed much stronger analytical skill to tackle on business challenges using her quantitative foundation. Her experience at EMC by far has been very dynamic. 

It wasn’t easy transitioning from one industry to another. However, Sokcheng really leveraged her professional background and found a new opportunity that has allowed her to utilize her knowledge and to gain new skills. It was challenging at first, and it took serious learning commitment, but it was undoubtedly rewarding. The learning does not stop. In addition to project work, she always makes time for internal trainings and external courses like CFI FMVA certification. Most importantly, Sokcheng has learned to fail and how to learn from those failures. As a young professional, she looks at those challenges as opportunities for growth. She appreciates EMC for providing a collaborative positive working environment and she credits her team for supporting and encouraging one another. She’s excited to see that the team continues to grow and cannot wait to work on many more interesting projects.