Employee Highlight – Lathtana (EMC-L)

Lathtana Chanthala is the current head of the EMC office in Laos (EMC-L) and has been with the company for about four years. He first joined EMC-L after being referred to by a previous colleague. Building on his educational background in health and social science, Lathtana has a strong interest in supporting projects in development sector that EMC is working with.

Lathtana is responsible for most of the business process, starting from the administrative tasks to the managerial roles. Currently, EMC-L has about ten staff and is focused on NGO and development partners as clients. Similar to Cambodia office, EMC-L expects to work more and more with private sector clients as the economy continues to grow. Helping SMEs make strategic decisions in a growing and increasingly complex economy is a key EMC offering. Lathtana expects to be taking on these types of projects soon. The Covid-19 has undoubtedly created challenges in Laos but has also created opportunities for EMC-L to offer guidance and insights to support our partners to navigate the pandemic. Lathtana believes with the support of the U.S. government in the vaccination process, Laos recovery will soon be underway.

EMC feels like home, and to Lathtana, his colleagues are his family. Lathtana sees the opportunity to gain exposure to various industries, projects, sectors, and people, as a key benefit to working with EMC.