SEAC Solar Energy Association of Cambodia

In 2014 EMC hosted the inaugural meeting of SEAC (the Solar Energy Association of Cambodia). The association hopes to promotes increased use of

Founders of SEAC

Founders of SEAC

solar energy in Cambodia, through policy advocacy, awareness raising and improving standards throughout the industry.  Electricity prices are relatively high in Cambodia compared to Vietnam and Thailand and the national grid relatively underdeveloped.  However the conditions for solar energy are excellent, even during rainy season. Consequently, solar energy should provide a valuable contribution to Cambodia’s economic development through increasing access to affordable power.

With support of AFD, SEAC have established the Good Solar Initiative’  – Cambodia’s first certification and quality control system for companies and their products. The quality standards encompass technical standards for products as well as service quality standards. Companies certified by the Initiative meet international standards for product quality and customer satisfaction.

EMC Senior Consultant, Chou Ngeth has been Chairman since SEAC founding and aims to make the association the private sector voice for all firms active in the sector.

SEAC has also been an important element of the Green Microfinance program in Cambodia, which aims to use MFI networks and innovative finance solutions to increase adoption of Solar Home Systems. The program is funded by AFD and implemented by SNV, in consortium with EMC, Picosol and 17 Triggers.

EMC has also consulted foreign investors, as interest in solar pv opportunities in Cambodia has grown and in particular rooftop PV solutions.